Nurses, hypochondria and death threats

Warning: post contains Blatent Blog Adoration (or BBA, not the type where you have a baby on the side of the road). I’ve mentioned before that I read. A lot. The beloved is concerned that Titch and Boofer could spontaneously combust and the house could fall down whilst I sit, oblivious, with my head in … Continue reading

Making Babies: Part 1 – A Fairytale Romance

TOO MANY PRINCESSES Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, who was quite short and talked too much. She lived in exile, in the Grim West, with a fairly boring prince. Every day she made the long journey, in her Unreliable Chariot*, to the University, in her quest to become a Glorious Midwife. … Continue reading

Mirror, mirror on the web

I have always read. Always. The hot-housed only child of a single parent, I was trained with readers and flash-cards and exercises and lovely little Ant and Bee books from the time I could sit up and focus both eyes purposefully, at the same time. Not because my mother is a particularly competitive parent. She … Continue reading


Unloading the family from the car at pre-school drop off this morning, I hear an excited little voice from across the car park: ‘Look mum, it’s Titch!’ Other children know who Titch is! Like he’s some kind of rockstar!     Oddly, despite my anxieties about whether or not the other kids will like Titch, … Continue reading

Once, twice, three times a live lady chicken

I’ve admitted it before – Until very recently we have failed dismally at pet ownership. Specifically, we have failed to keep our pets alive. Sure, Humphrey is still alive, but he has a very high percentage of feral vigour and will almost certainly live forever, like a cantankerous elderly relative. Let me take you on … Continue reading

Proof of life

I may not wear the pants, but true to all generations of my family since its invention – I do carry the camera. That’s right, I’m perpetually behind the lens, the irritating person insisting that the fun be sustained just a few moments longer, long enough to capture that perfect moment of delight/achievement/historical importance/never-to-be-seen-again-international landmark. … Continue reading

The Partnership of the Stay-At-Home Pants

WARNING: The following post will contain sweeping generalisations. The template for a ‘normal’ relationship is one straight man + one straight woman. That can be the only explanation for the ubiquitous question posed to and about lesbian couples: “But who is the man?” Class, are you paying attention? Good. Quick lesson in lesbians – They are … Continue reading