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Making Babies – Part 4: Making Titch

2008 JUNE Lots to organise! Lists to write! Things to cross off lists! Flights to book. Accommodation to organise. Appointments to coordinate. Oooh, going interstate…this could be fun! We might get to go a few times! It would almost be sad if I got pregnant straight away. It’s always so warm in Brisbane. Maybe we … Continue reading

Not all my fault

Incredible news: Pearl, Gretel and Bertha have clocked up one month of Staying Alive at our place! Miraculous, I know, given how heavily the odds are stacked against them. However, tonight’s conversation with the beloved did make wonder if I could, perhaps, let go of a little of the great burden of pet deaths past…… … Continue reading

Fire Fighting

A brief history of arguing with the beloved about fire: 2005 Scene: Winter, a remote farmhouse, in front of a roaring log fire me – (feeling sparkly eyed, romantic and perhaps a little drunk on Malibu Chills, snuggling into the beloved) Isn’t this lovely? the beloved – (shifting uncomfortably) Um. I think I might just … Continue reading