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Making Babies – Part 4: Making Titch

2008 JUNE Lots to organise! Lists to write! Things to cross off lists! Flights to book. Accommodation to organise. Appointments to coordinate. Oooh, going interstate…this could be fun! We might get to go a few times! It would almost be sad if I got pregnant straight away. It’s always so warm in Brisbane. Maybe we … Continue reading

Making Babies: Part 3 – Shopping for Sperm

The slightly abridged version of choosing our kids’ other genetic material, with bonus FAQ: These are all questions that people have asked me about our family. About 95% of the time, they make ‘cancer’ face* while they ask it. *”Cancer’ face’: the face maker tilts their head approximately 40 degrees to one side, furrows their … Continue reading

Making Babies: Part 1 – A Fairytale Romance

TOO MANY PRINCESSES Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, who was quite short and talked too much. She lived in exile, in the Grim West, with a fairly boring prince. Every day she made the long journey, in her Unreliable Chariot*, to the University, in her quest to become a Glorious Midwife. … Continue reading