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Flying Fish

8:40am on the day before pre-school goes back for second term. I’m in the kitchen feeding the cat. The beloved is wrangling Boofer into her third set of clothes for the day. Titch is thoughtfully unloading the recycling onto the pantry floor. The phone rings. – Hello, me speaking! – Sccchhhhhhhrooooooo wwwwwss aawwwwn from the … Continue reading


Unloading the family from the car at pre-school drop off this morning, I hear an excited little voice from across the car park: ‘Look mum, it’s Titch!’ Other children know who Titch is! Like he’s some kind of rockstar!     Oddly, despite my anxieties about whether or not the other kids will like Titch, … Continue reading

Paperwork is for straight people

Unless it’s from Centrelink, in which case it’s for every conceivable type of person. If you went on holiday to Europe and accidentally bought a sedated baby from a gypsy# and you’re going to raise it with your third cousin – there’s a form for that and a sub-section in every other form. Which is … Continue reading