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Making Babies: Part 3 – Shopping for Sperm

The slightly abridged version of choosing our kids’ other genetic material, with bonus FAQ: These are all questions that people have asked me about our family. About 95% of the time, they make ‘cancer’ face* while they ask it. *”Cancer’ face’: the face maker tilts their head approximately 40 degrees to one side, furrows their … Continue reading

Making Babies: Part 1 – A Fairytale Romance

TOO MANY PRINCESSES Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, who was quite short and talked too much. She lived in exile, in the Grim West, with a fairly boring prince. Every day she made the long journey, in her Unreliable Chariot*, to the University, in her quest to become a Glorious Midwife. … Continue reading

Mirror, mirror on the web

I have always read. Always. The hot-housed only child of a single parent, I was trained with readers and flash-cards and exercises and lovely little Ant and Bee books from the time I could sit up and focus both eyes purposefully, at the same time. Not because my mother is a particularly competitive parent. She … Continue reading

The Partnership of the Stay-At-Home Pants

WARNING: The following post will contain sweeping generalisations. The template for a ‘normal’ relationship is one straight man + one straight woman. That can be the only explanation for the ubiquitous question posed to and about lesbian couples: “But who is the man?” Class, are you paying attention? Good. Quick lesson in lesbians – They are … Continue reading