Posted in April 2012

Flying Fish

8:40am on the day before pre-school goes back for second term. I’m in the kitchen feeding the cat. The beloved is wrangling Boofer into her third set of clothes for the day. Titch is thoughtfully unloading the recycling onto the pantry floor. The phone rings. – Hello, me speaking! – Sccchhhhhhhrooooooo wwwwwss aawwwwn from the … Continue reading

Short Change

Working back to back late and early shifts. I should be filled with the joy of ushering new life into the world. Instead I’m mostly sad that I will never, never be this cool: Even though I. too, read so hard. Would it be wrong to train Titch to rap to this?

Nurses, hypochondria and death threats

Warning: post contains Blatent Blog Adoration (or BBA, not the type where you have a baby on the side of the road). I’ve mentioned before that I read. A lot. The beloved is concerned that Titch and Boofer could spontaneously combust and the house could fall down whilst I sit, oblivious, with my head in … Continue reading

Making Babies: Part 1 – A Fairytale Romance

TOO MANY PRINCESSES Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, who was quite short and talked too much. She lived in exile, in the Grim West, with a fairly boring prince. Every day she made the long journey, in her Unreliable Chariot*, to the University, in her quest to become a Glorious Midwife. … Continue reading

Mirror, mirror on the web

I have always read. Always. The hot-housed only child of a single parent, I was trained with readers and flash-cards and exercises and lovely little Ant and Bee books from the time I could sit up and focus both eyes purposefully, at the same time. Not because my mother is a particularly competitive parent. She … Continue reading


Unloading the family from the car at pre-school drop off this morning, I hear an excited little voice from across the car park: ‘Look mum, it’s Titch!’ Other children know who Titch is! Like he’s some kind of rockstar!     Oddly, despite my anxieties about whether or not the other kids will like Titch, … Continue reading

Once, twice, three times a live lady chicken

I’ve admitted it before – Until very recently we have failed dismally at pet ownership. Specifically, we have failed to keep our pets alive. Sure, Humphrey is still alive, but he has a very high percentage of feral vigour and will almost certainly live forever, like a cantankerous elderly relative. Let me take you on … Continue reading

Proof of life

I may not wear the pants, but true to all generations of my family since its invention – I do carry the camera. That’s right, I’m perpetually behind the lens, the irritating person insisting that the fun be sustained just a few moments longer, long enough to capture that perfect moment of delight/achievement/historical importance/never-to-be-seen-again-international landmark. … Continue reading